Albinotron & D'Vwah

Philosophical Grandeur #6

 Check out the latest by  Albinotron  &  D'Vwah  @  Infinite Sync Studios !

Check out the latest by Albinotron & D'VwahInfinite Sync Studios!

Matthew Sisk (Albinotron) and Matthew DeVore (D'Vwah) are two sonically talented individuals who recently joined forces to form Infinite Sync Studios, based out of Louisville, KY. The two invited me to drop by in January 2018 for a friendly discussion of their projects, past, current and future. Notably, this dynamic duo, in cooperation with an organization called Louisville Is Talented (LIT), are reaching out to the creative community to offer assistance to help artists unlock their true potential. In addition, their instrumental electronic audio creations offer an intricate depth to the listeners soundscape.

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